About us

I’m So Glad You’re Here

Who doesn’t want a well-balanced lifestyle – where you have a great control of your fitness plan and beauty routine? But truth is, it’s never easy to achieve these all by yourself. That’s how we gather and came into place, with a mission in mind – to deliver an enhanced life, one that all of us deserves. This has then shaped the core of who we are – the ‘Enhanced Me,’ or simply ‘ENME.’

We want more from life and we know you do too.

After months of formulations, trials, and errors, here we present a weight loss system that could complement our healthy-living lifestyle. We have gathered the best professions in the food, health, and science industries to work on this project. Together, we source, test, and manufacture our products in the most natural, organic forms they could be. After all, we are consumers too and we only want the best of the best.

Our passionate project is born and is now ready to meet the world.

The four leaves from our logo carry the core pillars of ENME – EnFit, EnPlan, EnSync and EnLife. Together, they hold the best, natural ingredients within a scientifically proven nutritional system that are enhanced by innovative technologies and supported by a group of like-minded individuals.


What ENME stands for

Plants, science and human nature

ENME is born with a mission in mind – to enhance lives of our community through health and wellness. We use the most natural form of ingredients, together with science, to formulate our products.

A system not just a product

Everything we do is within the ENME system and it’s an investment worthwhile in yourself and your future. We envision the system to factor the best science, botanicals and plants, technology in tandem with natural human behaviours.

Join the Team

Free yourself from the 9 to 5 routine! You get the freedom to design your own schedule and define your own working hours. Be your own boss and work around your own hours.

Now you can build your business around your lifestyle. Sign up and join the ENME family today!